French Breakfast …. Cote Brasserie in Oxford x

In Oxford, Pitt River Musuem!!! White Day xx


Ryuhyo Norokko Train on the Senmo Line

Goes through Kitahama JR Station, the train station closest to Okhotsk Sea

From Abashiri to Shari.

Coal stoves in every compartment - grill squid or warm milk pudding on top.


Yakiniku Abashiri Beer Hall - about 7 minutes walk from Abashiri JR Station. This BBQ restaurant is owned by Abashiri Brewery, which is well-known for their colourful draft beer creations.

Abashiri Prison Museum 博物館 網走監獄
〒099-2421 網走市字呼人1-1
Opening hours:
0800 - 1800 hrs (Apr - Oct)
0900 - 1700 hrs (Nov - Mar)
*You can get into the museum till one hour before closing time.
Admission fee = 940 yen (90 yen off with discount voucher)
Discount voucher can be retrieved online ( or from hotels located in Abashiri.

This is where we are traveling to.

It’s the most easterly part of Japan. On the Sea of Okhotsk.

The sea is frozen.

There is snow on the beach.

Whilst sitting outside Brians Brew pub, downtown Sapporo, someone had mentioned during a few drunken hours that the few bears that live in North Hokkaido are gay sized.

In a few days I am flying out to the very area - let’s call it the ‘gay bears backyard’ where these pint sized teddies live.

Being a diligent film maker I have just googled the Japanese brown bear.

F*ck! It’s 2-3 metres tall !

I f*cking hope its not gay!

Last few days I’ve been constructing a sound stage on the third floor.

Despite extreme physical exertion I feel fine.

The fox in our back garden. He lives in our garden.

Next door there is another fox.